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[Info]Temen2, ne ada game yang asyik jga, rame loh orang indonya, cekidot!!!

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Zodiac Online is a new concept MMORPG, free to download and free to play. Features of this game includes: zodiac system, pet evolution, fate system, and nice character that you can play.

The Stroy of Zodiac :
Aquarius, Pisces, Aries… It’s not unusual to feel those names are familiar and the words “Twelve Constellations” suggests itself immediately. We all know everything related to the Twelve Constellations, but do you know the Zodiac signs in the east, which have a one-to-one relationship with the constellation? And the origin of them?
Here’s the story.
Once upon a time, there was a prophecy in the heavens that sooner or later the final day of the world will come, which is called “Doomsday“. On this day, a gang of atrocious demons will be unleashed and plunge the whole world into chaos.
Jade Emperor, the head of the heavens, has long been worried about it until an Immortal presents an idea of excellence, namely sending 12 deities to the mortal world and preventing the heralded tragedy.
Therefore, 12 immortals depart to the human world and transform into 12 animals, guarding all living creatures. They win respect and reputation from people by their day-and-night working. So people call them the Zodiac Envoys.
However, everything still remains to be seen. Will Doomsday be able to be stopped? If it fails, will the Zodiac Envoys be able to defeat these demons? And which Zodiac will be your favorite one?
Come to Zodiac Online to find all the answers!

Basic Configuration:
CPU: Pentium 3 1GMHz
RAM: 256M
Graphics Card: 16MB VRAM
HD Space: 1G or above
Recommended configuration:
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GMHz
RAM: 512 M
Graphics Card: 64M Separated VRAM
Hard Disk: 1G or above

You can register here :

and download the game for free with the tutorial here :

More Info at :

Screenshot :

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